The New Way To Spot Treat Your Acne—Acne Patches

Spot Treat With Acne Patches

As you may well know, acne isn’t just a teenage problem and is for many a lifelong struggle. Whether you breakout occasionally or on the regular, there is a new spot treatment that speeds up the healing process—acne patches.

Another Takeaway From K-Beauty

While many US brands produce acne patches this genius product was a K-Beauty invention. While spot treatments aren’t new, this approach is new. Most spot treatments dry out your skin, but not patches. Instead, they shrink acne, reduce inflammation, and hydrate your skin.

When To Wear

You can apply your patch to a clean face when you get home for the day and wear it overnight. But depending on the brand you may be able to wear it all day long, under your makeup—and no one will be the wiser! One brand that blends seamlessly are the Rael patches.

No Picking

The key to wearing the patch is that you need to place it on an unpicked pimple. The patch will absorb puss and impurities so you must resist the temptation to pick. And unlike with picking, your pimple will fade without leaving a scar.

One of the things we love the most about acne patches is that they are a gentle and inexpensive way to treat acne—starting at around $5 per box.

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