3 Surprising Ways To Relieve Pain Naturally

Relieve Pain Naturally

Pain and inflammation can hinder your quality of life. While over the counter and prescription medications can help, there are a few natural ways you can speed up the process.

Heat Or Ice

If you are experiencing acute pain, a recent injury or intensified chronic pain—ice is the way to go. If you are experiencing regular chronic pain, heat is the way to go. This could be a heating pad, topical cream, steam, or Epsom salt bath.

Socializing With Friends And Family

Socializing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pain relief, but when you talk on the phone, video chat, or spend quality time with someone you enjoy it releases feel-good endorphins. One of the many benefits of these endorphins are that they stimulate the body’s natural ability to alleviate pain. Socializing with loved ones isn’t the only way to boost endorphins. Doing anything that brings you joy can have the same effect.


Depending on the type of pain you are experiencing, laying down may intensify the pain. However, the more quality sleep you get the more your body will naturally address your pain and inflammation. To help improve your sleep consider an adjustable bed, sleep accessories like a hip pillow, and ensure your room is comfortable and conducive for rest.

Your body has built-in systems that help you to heal and repair, you just have to know how to access them!

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