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Is Digital Multitasking Slowing You Down?

Is Digital Multitasking Slowing You Down

The person switches between tasks 300 times per day. Sounds like a lot, right? Every time you check FB, Instagram, and email you are completing a mini-task. Odds are this digital multitasking is slowing you down.

You Get Sidetracked

While the goal may be to pop into your email or Facebook to check your latest message, this can become a bit of a rabbit hole. While some responses are fast and easy, others take more time than you had planned.

It Disrupts Your Flow

Whether you check without a second thought or jump to check every alert as it goes off, the constant distraction disrupts your flow. Each time you shift gears you get one step closer to decision fatigue, in which you max out your good decision making quota for the day.

How To Fix It?

Monotasking is an effective way to retrain your brain away from your constantly-connected digital distractions. Set 2 or more blocks of time each day where you silence your phone and alerts and focus only on the tasks at hand. This should be in additional to unplugging the first and last hour of each day—with the exception of reading an ebook on a device with zero alerts or reminders.

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