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Breaking The Monotony Of Your Everyday Life

Breaking The Monotony of Life


Even if your schedule varies from one week to the next, most of us are so caught up with work and family that we get stuck in a rut. Here’s how to break the monotony of your everyday life!

Say No

First up, you must clear a bit of room in your schedule to make time for things that bring you joy. This might sound impossible, but you don’t have to do it all. At the very least, delegate or hire a few hours of help a week to create some room.


We’re all guilty of it, when we finally have a bit of free time we fill it up watching TV, movies, or gaming. While each can be an escape there are more fulfilling things you could be doing. Schedule coffee or lunch with a friend, read a book, head to a local event, schedule a game night, go on a much-needed date night with the one you love, or spending time doing a creative or athletic activity that you enjoy.


Never underestimate the importance of travel, as travel takes you completely away from the daily norm. This includes local weekend getaways and proper week-long vacations. For travel to be restorative it must be to somewhere you enjoy. In other words, stressful trips to visit family don’t count.

There is no need to remain stuck in your rut. Break free with the tips above!

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