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What Is A Chakra Diet?

What Is A Chakra Diet

We have 7 energy centers in our body, staring at our root and ending at the crown of our heads. When one of these areas is blocked with negative energy it can throw the related areas of our body off balance. There are many ways to clear blocked chakras, including the foods we eat. Here’s a quick look at how a chakra diet works.

Eating The Rainbow

Many of us are familiar with the concept of eating the rainbow, of eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables ensures a nice balance of vitamins and minerals. However, the chakra diet is a bit more specific. Instead of just eating a variety for its nutrient content, you eat produce for each chakra. Yes, you still eat with diversity—but if you have a blocked energy center or one you want to strengthen you eat more corresponding colors.

How To Eat What You Need

The chart below from Violet Hues Healing Center demonstrates the colors of each chakra. When it comes to eating the rainbow to clear or strengthen, add more fruits and veggies in the same color family to your daily diet. For some issues, this will be as needed—for others it will be ongoing. For example, if you tend to be closed off but want to learn to open your heart add more leafy greens to your diet.

What Is A Chakra Diet

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