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Why Job Hopping Is A Good Thing!

Why Job Hopping Is A Good Thing

You graduate and get a job, likely with the intention of climbing up the corporate or another expected ladder. While you might intend to switch companies at some point down the road, the climb is the initial priority. But somewhere along the way you swerve and take your life completely off course. Here’s why job hopping is a good thing!

You Realize What You Really Want

Michelle Obama addresses the concept of swerving in her book Becoming. Swerving is another name for job hopping. You start a career path but for one reason or another realize it’s not the right fit, so you follow your heart to what you really want to invest your precious time in.

It’s Good For All

You spend most of your waking hours at work so you deserve to be happy and fulfilled. More importantly, your employer deserves a team member whose heart is in it. If the grind of what you are currently doing doesn’t work for you, find a job that doesn’t feel so taxing. When you do what you love it won’t feel like such a struggle.

Last, but not least—it all adds up. Every job hop and industry change will help you build transferable insights and skills that you may not have developed otherwise.

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