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The Unexpected Benefits Of Tidying Your Home

The Unexpected Benefits Of Tidying Your Home

Marie Kondo is a KonMari expert who has inspired a whole new way to organize our homes. Her method goes beyond tidying your home to a few unexpected benefits.

More Joy

Marie provides a structured method of downsizing each area of your home. You first pull everything out of, for example, all of your books, so that you can visualize what has been accumulated. Then one by one you feel each item to determine if it sparks joy. By feeling instead of thinking you will create more positive energy for the entire household.

Easier Organization

Organization doesn’t come naturally to everyone and Marie’s method provides tips and tricks for maximizing space. While it can take a full month to tidy your home with her method, once complete it is easier to keep everything organized.

Better Communication

Tidying is an excellent skill to develop as a couple or family, one that surprisingly opens up the lines of communication. Instead of just having “stuff” in your home, everyone will have a greater understanding of what is valued and joyful to the rest of the family. This creates respect, intimacy, and improved communication.

Tidying takes time but is well worth the benefits!

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