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The New Way To Age

The New Way To Age

It’s about time, but we are living in a day and age where age is not seen in the negative light it once was—particularly for women. We have a long list of boundary-breaking women who don’t let their age hold them back from living their lives well past their 40s or 50s. From Oprah to Betty White, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, and Jennifer Aniston, and Tina Turner. Here’s more on the new way to age.

Number Doesn’t Matter

When we were in our teens and twenties 40 sounded really old, 50 was ancient, and anything over 60 was for grannies and retirees—but that’s not the case anymore. Even if the younger generation isn’t yet in agreement, as we enter our 30s we realize that we don’t think or feel as old as our age once sounded. This mindset shift keeps us striving regardless of our age.

There’s Less Of A Rush

As more people choose to take a year off before college or wait longer to marry or have kids there is less of an overall rush to check off the boxes. Even better, you only have to check off the boxes that interest you. With less of a rush you just keep living your life at any age.

Ongoing Growth Is Celebrated

With experience comes growth, and growth can be achieved at every age. For some, this means a lifelong steady progression, but for many of us, this means that as we age we break free of the boxes we have conformed to and grow into our authenticity. Such a thing was once considered selfish or a mid-life crisis, now it is championed.

Here’s to living life, without being restricted by age!

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