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Could Poor Posture Be The Root Of Your Chronic Pain?

Poor Posture And Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, neck pain, and headaches poor posture could be the culprit. Here are just a few things to consider.

We Sit Too Much

Standing too much can lead to poor posture, but a more common culprit is being too sedentary. The challenge many of us face is that we have jobs that require us to sit some or most of the day. This makes it essential to invest in office ergonomics that support good posture and encourage overall alignment. You may have to purchase some of these items for yourself.

Electronics Use

We spend several hours a day checking our phone, reading on our e-reader, gaming, or working on our laptop while it’s in our lap. These are all activities that keep us looking down creating strain in our neck and back. If we do nothing to correct this behavior it can lead to chronic pain. The change is as simple as using an ergonomic laptop riser or lifting your device to an aligned position.

To determine if your work-related or overall electronics posture is the root of your back pain make the changes above and start stretching your muscles in the opposing direction. If your posture is to blame you will notice a change in as little as the first week.

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