Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

If V-Day has snuck up or you have decided at the last-minute that you want to do to something special these last-minute Valentine’s Day date ideas are perfect!

A Romantic Night In

You might struggle to find a reservation this close, so plan a romantic night in instead. Head to your local deli and pick up cold or heat and eat foods, including a few easy appetizers, a decadent dessert, and wine. Dine by candle light and put on music to set the mood.

A Weekend Getaway

There is no need to reserve your celebrations to the day of so head online and book a weekend getaway. This could be a night or two in the honeymoon suite of a nearby hotel or driving or flying somewhere that is only a few hours away. The goal is romance and quality time together.

Something Simple

If you and your partner are of the mindset that this is more of a Hallmark holiday keep things simple with a small gesture. This could be a handmade or storebought Valentine, a box of gourmet chocolates, a homemade dessert, or taking a few moments to share how you feel.

While love must be expressed year-round Valentine’s Day is an excellent reminder of how important it is to let your loved one know how much you care!

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