Living Your Values

Living Your Values

Many of us have values and beliefs that we are passionate about, yet at the same time, we contradict these values. While we all make mistakes you must challenge yourself to remain accountable to living to your intention.

Respect Unlike Values

When you find yourself frustrated, upset, or judging someone due to the ways in which they fall short of value you are passionate about, take a pause. Consider not what you believe they should do or believe and instead how you have responded to similar situations in past. If it’s something you’ve never experienced consider you may not have enough information to have a fully formed opinion. And as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else, just like your values, they have the right to the standards they choose to live by. They have the right to their authenticity.

Think Beyond Theory

Our theoretical beliefs often don’t match our individual response. You might not have an issue with a man or woman being single and never married past 40, but how do you respond to your single and never married friends over 40? You may believe in inclusivity, but how inclusive is your social circle? You may believe that people are not their bodies, but how do you respond when someone you know gains 10, 20, or 50 pounds? You may believe in LGBT rights but how have you responded to those who’ve come out of the closet? You disagree strongly with political bullying, but find it funny when it’s about a candidate you don’t like. Are you really living your values?

An excellent place to start is by clearly defining your top 3 to 5 values, then invest a considerable amount of time determining what living each value in a variety of circumstances looks like.

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