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Explore Your City

Explore Your City

Whether you have lived in your general area your entire life or moved to your current city recently, or years ago—exploring more will make you love your city more. Here’s how to explore your city in fun and meaningful new ways.

Check The City Calendar

First up check the local parks and recs, neighborhood, or official city event calendrers in search of upcoming events you’ve never been to. The goal is to see what is going on in and around your city that’s not already on your radar. This could be anything from a cultural festival to a parade, color run, sporting event, live music, a movie in the park, and more. And if it’s not something you would usually do or have ever tried, go anyway as it’s something new!

Be A Tourist

As a local you may count out the tourist activities and attractions, but now’s the time. Hop onto TripAdvisor or Groupon to view the most popular tours and excursions and sign up for one or two. This might be a food tour, historical tour, or visiting a few new museums.

Walk A New Neighborhood

There must be at least a few neighborhoods you aren’t familiar with. Take a stroll through the main streets, sit and read in a coffee shop, or dine in one of the areas most buzzed-about restaurants.

Exploring your city is a great way to meet new people, but don’t count out bringing a friend or two with—or making a date of it!

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