Quick Tips For Redecorating Your Home

Quick Tips For Redecorating Your Home

It’s nice to mix up the look and feel in your home from time to time. This might mean rethinking one room, or your entire home. Here are some quick tips for redecorating your home!

  1. Invest in seasonal home décor that you can swap out for a short-term change.
  2. Switch out a light fixture or two for something more decorative.
  3. Rethink your artwork or regroup your artwork.
  4. Sand and repaint or stain wooden furniture.
  5. Recover or purchase new throw pillows.
  6. Paint all four walls, one wall, or consider wallpaper.
  7. Make a statement wall or statement ceiling.
  8. Reupholster your current furniture.
  9. Consider mixing up the furniture you have in other rooms.
  10. Head to thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales for inexpensive new-to-you items.
  11. Clear the clutter by tidying and organizing.
  12. Consider making your rooms more multi-purpose. For example, making a home office that has a couch that folds into a bed so that it can double as a guest room.
  13. Browse Pinterest for some cool new DIY home crafts and projects.
  14. Consider a theme in terms of style, color, or overall design aesthetic.
  15. Focus more on getting it right than rushing it.

Here’s to a happy home that is functional, comfortable, and beautiful!

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