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The Downside Of Diet Culture

Downside Of Diet Culture

With obesity on the rise comes an increase in a long list of illness and disease, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. The ongoing goal to get to a healthy BMI or weight range, or to tighten, tone and transform have created a diet culture that is anything but healthy.

Beauty Can Be Defined In Many Ways

The idea that being thin is what makes you beautiful is backward. We are not our bodies. Just ask anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight—who you will find are rarely happier once they hit their goal. In fact, it is more common that those who embrace their weight are happier and often healthier. That’s right, healthier. Mental and emotional health can improve when you stop extreme dieting, which positively impacts physical health. While weight can negatively impact physical health, many diets have long-term physical ramifications.

Weight Is Not Health

As mentioned above, health is both mind and body and must be measured in terms of physical, emotional, and mental. When we become too focused on the number on the scale it can become consuming. Food becomes the enemy and we may punish ourselves with negative self-talk, deprivation, and dietary and physical extremes.

Diet culture doesn’t just impact adults, as body image issues begin as young as 7 years old.

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