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How Time In Nature Can Transform Your Life

Time In Nature

I’m a city girl through and through but there are times that I crave nature so badly that I drive or fly to get my fix. It’s not just the beauty that makes us want to spend more time outdoors, as spending time in nature can transform your life.

We Are Meant To Be In Nature

It’s easy to forget, but humans are a part of nature—of the inevitable circle of life. For many of us, we are cooped up inside at work and spend most of our time indoors when we head home for the day. While modern shelter provides safety and comfort, we are meant to be in nature. After just 20 minutes in the forest breathing fresh air, you will feel more energy, less stress, and improved mental focus.

Nature’s Health Benefits

There is a long list of studies that prove that those who live in or near a forest are healthier than those who live in urban areas. It’s more than just the fresh air, but the whole-body benefits of time spent outdoors. Florence Williams book The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative covers a wide range of nature’s health benefits.

Even if you live in a city it’s unlikely that you have to go far to spend a bit of time in nature. Head to a nearby park or hop in a car or train to get your nature fix.

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