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The Healing Power Of Raw Gemstones

Healing Power Of Raw Gemstones

Have you ever wondered why it is that you gravitate toward specific gemstones? Or if healing crystals really work? Or why we have or wear birthstone jewelry? Here’s a quick look at the healing power of raw gemstones.

Gem Stones Have Energy

Every stone has an energy and healing properties that you can activate when wearing it, holding it, keeping it near your, or using it during meditation—which can help you achieve specific goals. For example, rose quartz can help heal your heart after a breakup. Amethyst helps clear or amplify your crown chakra. Rainbow moonstone can boosts your creativity.

Your Birthstone Amplifies Your Power

You likely know what your birthstone is, and fashion aside, might be wondering why you should wear it? As mentioned above, all gemstones have healing, balancing, and spiritual properties—but wearing your birthstone amplifies your personal power. This means you should wear your birthstone on days when you need more energy, confidence, creativity, and balance. And it’s ok if it’s not a raw gemstone, but a polished stone from a traditional jeweler.

If that’s not enough raw gemstones have a unique beauty. While they may not be crystal clear or polished to perfection, the individuality of each stone is one of a kind. Wear them as jewelry, buy beautiful stones to decorate your home, or carry stones with you when you need of their healing energy.

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