You Have The Right To Change Your Mind

You Have The Right To Change Your Mind

We must all be accountable to the commitments we make in life, but we must not allow commitments to limit our lives. You have the right to change your mind about decisions both small and large.

As You Change So Do Your Priorities

As you grow and change some of your ongoing commitments may become of less a priority. This includes everything from where you spend the holidays to how you spend your free time, your household commitments, and even what extra responsibilities you take on at work. If you are making a change to something that is fair to say has become expected of you—going cold turkey is not always the best way to go. Instead, explain the change that can be expected (not necessarily the reason) and when the change will go in to effect. For example, if you have gone to your grandma’s house for Christmas dinner every year since you were a child, but are now ready to create your own holiday traditions—let your family know at least 6 months before the holidays. In this instance, make sure you find an alternate time to celebrate with your family.

Change Frees You Up For What Brings You Joy

Life is meant to be joyful and commitments that drain your energy are not a good use of your time. As overwhelming as it might feel to remove things from your schedule or take your life in a new direction—once the change is made you can fill your time with the things you love.

Change can be difficult for others to accept and respect, but you must do what is right for you.

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