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Are You A Doer Or A Dreamer?

Doer Or A Dreamer

I sincerely believe that we should never stop dreaming, but there is a distinct difference between head in the clouds dreaming—and taking action to make things happen. Are you a doer or a dreamer?

Dreams Give Us A Clue Of Which Direction To Take

The fact of the matter is, not all dreams will come true but dreams provide invaluable insight into your passion, desire—and maybe even your purpose. In Shonda Rhimes Book Year of Yes, she shares that after college she wanted to be a Toni Morrison-esq writer. She started writing, and instead become the queen of TGIT. She didn’t become her exact dream, but she is a world-renown writer. Which lead to meeting Toni Morrison!

You Won’t Always Have A Plan

Some dreams have a clear path. If you dream of being a healer you take classes in massage, energy healing, chakras, and more. However, some dreams are not so clear cut. For example, your dream may be to fall in love. It won’t happen overnight so you must DO, by putting yourself out there. Whatever you do, you must DO!

Say Yes More!

Once you put your intention out into the universe it will deliver, but not always in the way you have imagined. This means that you must be open and ready for your preparation to meet an unexpected opportunity. This means you must say yes, even to things that scare you—or to things you may not typically do.

Keep dreaming but spend more time doing!

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