How To Remain Productive In An Open Workspace

Productive Open Workspaces

Inspired by collaboration, innovation, and the rise in coworking many companies are adopting open workspaces. But some employees struggle to remain productive in such spaces. If that sounds like you, these tips will help.

Bring What You Need

Since the idea is that everyone can work from any desk or table you will need to bring what you need with you. For example, while I don’t mind working on a laptop, I don’t love working all day on a laptop keyboard. So, if needed bring your own. I also made the move from a sleek laptop sleeve to a larger laptop bag that keeps my other desk and office essentials nearby, like a pen, highlighter, notepad, sticky notes, paper clips, and mini stapler. If I’m just there for the day I may travel lighter.

Go Digital

While I don’t think I will ever ditch the need for a notepad and sticky notes, open workspaces require almost all my work and communication to be completed, shared, scheduled, and saved electronically. If you haven’t yet it’s time to take things to the cloud and utilize your software instead of keeping data and client info in paper folders. If you have paper, scan it and add it to an electronic folder.

Utilize Your Locker

If your open workspace doesn’t have lockers, make a suggestion to add some. This is where you can store your coat, purse, snacks, coffee cup, chair cushion, and where you can lock up your laptop when you leave for the day. If lockers aren’t available or you will only be in a coworking space for the day bring a laptop backpack that can hang on the back of your office chair.

Last but not least, utilize meeting spaces for group discussions and be mindful when on the phone—so that you aren’t a distraction to others trying to work.

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