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Who Are You Dieting For?

Who Are You Dieting For?

If you are a yo-yo dieter or have recently decided to go on a diet it is important to think beyond your goal of losing weight—and consider who you are dieting for. The answer might surprise you.

Shame Dieting

Is there someone in your life who makes snide comments about your body or your weight? Maybe your partner or a friend or family member? If you are healthy, happy, and comfortable with your weight—and your physician is not concerned about your BMI, don’t let shamers drive you to diet. I’ve even heard it said that women tell themselves they are dieting for their partners, but they are really dieting to impress other women. And let’s not forget, thin does not mean healthy.

Dieting To Impress Others

With pressure from the media and self-imposed pressure to remain youthful, your diet might be more for how you want to be perceived. What you must remember is that you can’t read people’s mind and that you must give people more credit. Yes, many people value thin—but many more value authenticity. If authentic is not how you would describe who you are trying to impress it might be time to rethink your social circle.

Healthy Weight Loss

Whether you medically need to lose weight or you simply want to shed the few pounds you’ve gained make health, not image, your goal. When you focus more on dietary and lifestyle changes that will help you thrive, your goals your results will be easier to maintain. Consider nutrition, not diet—and focus less on the scale and more on how you feel. Staved but thinner does not feel good. More energetic with only a few pounds shed is a slow, steady, and healthy way to achieve your goal—and it feels amazing!

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