How To Get Over Your Broken Heart

Get Over Your Broken Heart

There is no magic formula for healing your broken heart but there are a few things you can do to make it easier, and to heal in a healthy manner.

Share With The Right People

We must know our tribe and who in it will listen with non-judgment and compassion. The friend who tells you to get back out there ASAP because you aren’t getting any younger probably isn’t the right person. Find your person and lean on them.

Digitally Disconnect

If the temptation to visit your ex’s social media is more than you can resist, you may need to take a break from social media for a week or two. You can also delete them as a friend, or at least hide their posts from showing up in your feed.

Live Your Life, But Remove Their Presence

One of the many post-breakup challenges, especially if you lived together, is that you have memories in the places you frequented most. While it’s tempting, don’t give up your favorite places—restaurant, coffee shops, boutiques, or theaters. If you need a short pause, ok—but you must maintain normalcy. That being said, remove their presence. If you had a table you always sat at, find a new table. And box up any remaining items they left behind in your house.

Feel your feelings but don’t spend too much time analyzing where things went wrong. Focus on the bright side as much as you can, and don’t lose sight that you are one step closer to Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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