Finally—Magnetic Eyelashes!

Magnetic Eyelashes

With the growing trend to have false eyelashes applied comes the increased concern for eye health. There is not enough data yet to determine the long-term effect of the adhesive chemicals that keep lashes on—but magnetic eyelashes provide a chemical-free alternative!

How They Work

There are several brands to choose from, but they all work the same. There is a layer that goes on underneath your natural lashes, and one that magnetically connects by being placed on top of your natural lashes. They stay connected and stay put thanks to mini-magnets. Put on your liner and shadow before applying your lashes. Treat them well and you can reuse each pair for a few months.

You Will Feel The Difference

Getting application just right will take time, but after a few weeks, it will be fast and easy. While you can find magnetic options that look natural or dramatic, the biggest difference is that you will notice that they are there. The magnets are ultra-lightweight but magnets with the two layers may at first feel a bit bulky.

Magnetic lashes are still new and the only current downside is that they can’t be applied to fill in the inner and outer eyes—as they rely on your natural lashes to stay put.

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