Introducing Bold Colors To Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe Bold Colors

If you are color-shy, have always wanted a sexy red dress, or you want to rock this season’s electric yellow and orange—there is a way to wear bold colors without attracting too much attention.

Find The Right Shade For You

Not every shade of a trending color will complement your skin tone, so that’s where to start. This is especially important when selecting dresses and tops. Never buy just to hop on a trend, make sure the color doesn’t wash you out and be mindful of whether the shade brings out unflattering undertones in your skin.

A Mini Pop Of Color

Accessories are an excellent way to introduce bold colors into your wardrobe, with less worry of the shade or hue. This is a perfect way to adopt a color trend without being too bold. So, find a bootie, heel, handbag, scarf, belt, or jewelry in the trending color.

Never Go Head-To-Toe

Unless it’s a dress, never wear a bold color from head to toe—that is unless you need to stand out from the crowd. Invest mostly in bold separates that you can mix and match a variety of ways. If your bold color is a dress or jumpsuit, you can tone it down a bit with a jacket, belt, and heels.

Last but not least, don’t count out color blocking and patterns and prints that feature bold colors.

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