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What Brings You Joy?

What Brings You Joy

Life is meant to be filled with love, happiness, and joy. If that’s not how you would describe your life it’s time to turn things around. The first place to start is by asking yourself what brings you joy.

There Is No Right Or Wrong Answer

What brings you joy is all about you and no one else. It could be hearing the laughter of a baby, spending the afternoon reading a book, listening to a mix of your favorite songs, baking, singing, dancing, coloring, painting, or—anything at all!

Schedule It In

Some of the most joyful moments in life are spontaneous, but if you are stuck in a rut where joy feels like a distant memory—you’ll need to start by scheduling in time for joy. Start by giving yourself an hour here and there to break the monotony.

Try Something New

If you aren’t sure what brings you joy or the activities that used to bring you joy no longer do—it’s time to try something new. There are always opportunities to try new things, you just have to be open to them. Accept more invitations from friends for things that wouldn’t usually be on your radar and head online in search of events, activities, social clubs, and group activities. As a bonus, you may make a few new friends along the way!

Here’s to the joyful you!

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