Can You Take Tidying Too Far?

Take Tidying Too Far

Tidying is one of the hottest home topics of 2019 with many adopting Marie Kondo’s principles. While decluttering and organizing is the ultimate goal, sometimes tidying can go too far.

Don’t Forget To Spark Joy

The key concept, and the secret to simplifying what to keep and what to let go—is to hold each item in your hands to feel if it sparks joy. This process is not only essential for downsizing excess but for ensuring that you don’t regret what you let go of.

Minimalism Is Not The Goal

Minimalism is sometimes romanticized. While the idea of living a simplified life with less is appealing, it’s a lifestyle that simply isn’t for everyone. You may have a significant amount of things to let go of but there is no need to go to an extreme or to attempt minimalism unless you are sure it’s right for you.

Perfection Is Not The Goal

You certainly want to maintain your organized new habits but you still want your home to feel comfortable and livable. You never want to allow things to get too far behind, but don’t beat yourself (or your loved ones up) when things aren’t put away the second you get home. We all need time to relax and unwind a bit, so as long as things are reorganized within a day or so it’s all good.

One way to help maintain your tidy new lifestyle is to continually remove items from your home with the one-in, one-out rule.

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