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Traveling With A Lower Carbon Footprint

Traveling With A Lower Carbon Footprint

I’m an avid traveler who still has a long list of destinations to check off my Bucket List. While I love traveling I also prioritize traveling green. Here is how to lower your carbon footprint exploring the world.

Yes, You Can Still Fly

Trains and buses have a lower carbon footprint than airplanes but that’s not to say that flying is out. When you fly, fly direct instead of taking layovers—which might mean you have to pay a bit more. Pack light as the more luggage you bring the higher your carbon impact, so pack smart and limit yourself to carryon bags and no more than one checked bag for longer trips.  Interestingly, business class and first class passengers tend to check more luggage—so resist the temptation to pack more when flying on an upgrade. And, no private planes.

Choose Where You Travel With Environmental Impact In Mind

While this may not be possible for every trip you take, consider the carbon footprint once you arrive at your destination. Select eco-friendly accommodations when possible, utilize public transportation, walk or rent a bike or scooter, and visit developing areas where your tourism will positively impact the community.

Little Things Once You Arrive

Many of our green habits are abandoned when we travel, a few of which may be difficult to avoid. For example, many who use cloth diapers at home use disposable while traveling. This is logical as you don’t want to be carrying smelly diapers through the airport and diaper cleaning may not be easily accessible once you arrive. That being said, there are other little things you can do:

  • Bring a lightweight and reusable hot/cold bottle for every member of the family.
  • If you won’t be drinking the hotel tap water stop by a store to purchase a 2.5 gallon or larger bottled water.
  • Shop and dine in locally owned businesses as opposed to chains.
  • Eat at farm-to-table restaurants.
  • Find out if your hotel or Airbnb has recycling.

See, you can travel with a lower carbon footprint without giving up travel!

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