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Stay Inspired With Ongoing Self-Development

Ongoing Self Development

We must never stop learning but you might be struggling to find the time to invest in your ongoing self-development. In the digital day and age, we live in it’s never been easier to learn and grow.

Read Your Way To Inspired

Whether your goal is to manage your anxiety, lose weight, get organized, or launch your own business—there’s a book for that. When you find a book that inspires you, read more from the author or head to their website to see if they provide additional educational tools. They may even provide courses, live training, or may be participating in an upcoming live training event.

TedTalks, YouTube, & Other Videos

Head to TedTalks and type in the topic you want to learn more about. Not only will you find several videos to choose from, but once you watch one it will alert you to more in your area of interest. Also, search educational topics on YouTube and your favorite streaming services.

Online Courses

Heading back to school for a new degree isn’t the only way to learn new business or personal skills. Browse the internet for skills courses, some of which can be found on LinkedIn. For more in-depth areas of study, many colleges offer 3 to 4 month online programs designed for working professionals.

Last but not least, don’t count out consultants, life coaches, or industry experts who offer one-on-one personalized training.

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