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An Easier Alternative To Bullet Journaling

An Easier Alternative To Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is an organized way to keep the things you need to do organized and prioritized. Many use it as a means to support monotasking. However, the system is a bit too complex for some. Here are some easier alternatives.

Download A Bullet Journaling App

For many, it’s the need for a physical journal that doesn’t work, and even the concern of feeling lost if the journal is lost. An easy alternative, with less upfront and ongoing work, is to download an app instead. You have plenty of worthy options to choose from.

A, B, C System

If you like the idea of having a daily checklist but bullet journaling is too messy, create a simple excel spreadsheet with 3 columns, one for the priority level, one for the task, and one for notes. At the beginning of each week create a master list of tasks—also keep a master list of future tasks. Each day of the week add the tasks for the day to the daily list and mark the priority as “A, B, or C”. A’s are need to be completed, B’s are a secondary priority, and C’s are if you have time. At the end of each day cross off all completed tasks and cycle leftovers to the next day.

Digital Calendars

I’m a big fan of ongoing self-development, even in areas we are well versed. If you or you and your family have a difficult time managing your calendar—sign up for an online Google or Outlook training course. I guarantee that both tools can help you to organize your time in ways you will be excited to learn.

Here’s to your organized new you!

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