Is Your Employee Mindset Limiting Your Life?

The biggest challenge with self-limiting mindsets is that we often don’t know they exist and therefore are unaware of the ways in which they are limiting our lives. One of the mindsets that most of us have adopted is the employee mindset. Here’s how to tell if it’s the mindset you have adopted—and how to break free.

Being An Lifelong Employee Is Not A Bad Thing

There is certainly nothing wrong with being an employee your entire career, as not everyone has the time, desire or skillset to be a business owner or entrepreneur. In fact, there are many luxuries and benefits that come with working for someone else—health insurance, 401K, vacation time, and more. That being said, being an employee doesn’t mean that you have to live your life with an employee mindset.

Is Your Mindset Holding You Back?

Your mindset is holding you back if you are someone who feels out of control in regard to your earning power, what direction to take your career, or in your ability to change your career. This might mean that you spend years working in a position that isn’t the right fit—or for a company whose culture you do not support. If you feel powerless, you have forgotten that your decision to get up and go to work every day is yours. That your decision to stick with your current salary is yours. That your decision to continue to work for a bad boss, in a position you dislike, or for a company that drains you—is your choice.

While you must never be hasty in your career decisions, you owe it to yourself to find a career that empowers you instead!

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