Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

Look Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

As a die-hard Marshalls girl, I only spend a few hundred dollars each season on clothing and accessories—but I always look like I’ve spent much more. Here’s how to look expensive without breaking the bank.

Fit, Cut, And Color

Absolutely everything you purchase must fit well, even if it needs a bit of tailoring. Look for cuts and styles that flatter your figure, even if they aren’t on trend—and especially if they are on-trend. Every color, print, and pattern you purchase must compliment your skin tone, hair color, and makeup.

Mix And Match

Mastering the art of mixing, matching, and layering is key in looking expensive. Mixing and matching will make it look like you have more clothing in your closet than you really do. As a general rule, I have neutral bottoms and layering items: pants, skirts, slacks, cardigans, and blazers. I create the variety and visual interest with tons of blouses and tops, scarves, and jewelry.

Know When To Invest

I typically never spend more than $20 on a top and $40 on a dress, but I know when to invest more. I spend more on items that are timeless or that I will wear for years to come—like a cocktail dress. I also spend more on accessories that I will wear for at least one full season, like my booties, handbags, and heels. When it comes to trendy or bold items I may only wear one season, I shop when things are on sale—or buy from discount retailers like H&M and Marshalls.

Mix high and low, invest in quality, and follow washing instructions to keep your wardrobe looking its best!

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