Make The Most Of Your Separates By Mixing And Matching

Make The Most Of Your Separates By Mixing And Matching

Mixing and matching is no new concept as learning to make the most of your separates is key to maximizing your wardrobe—especially if you have a minimalist or capsule wardrobe.

Everyone Needs Neutrals

Aim to have at least 3 neutral solid color tops and 3 neutral solid color bottoms. For example, dark wash denim, a navy blue A-line skirt, and a grey slack—as well as a white button down, black blouse, and a quality grey t-shirt. While it´s not a lot these staples can all easily be worn together, and with almost anything else in your wardrobe.

Prints, Patterns, And Pops Of Color

Your prints, patterns, and pops of color are what make your outfit feel like you—and should include a mix of trends, seasonal, and year-round items. This might be your floral pant, a head-turning red blouse, or a polka dot skirt. These items are more memorable so you may only wear them every week or two.

Layering Is A Must

Layering casual jackets, blazers, cardigans, sweaters will further help to maximize your wardrobe. Don´t just layer with your separates. For example, depending on the cut of your dress or jumpsuit may be able to wear a sweater on top of it making it look more like a skirt or pant. Invest in plenty of accessories like shoes, scarves, ties, and handbags to stretch your wardrobe even further.

Last but not least, with every purchase you make consider how it can be layered into your outfit to be part of multiple looks.

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