Why You Must Stop Waiting For Things To Change

Why You Must Stop Waiting For Things To Change

Change is constant in life but change can’t be your excuse to wait, hold on, or limit your life. Here are a few areas in which you must stop waiting for things to change.

Waiting To Go For It

If you are waiting to pursue your dreams until you have more money or more time, it’s time to just go for it. If you are waiting to look for a job that is a better fit until the timing is right, remember that your career is yours. The fact of the matter is, the timing may never be “right” and your excuse for waiting is likely fear. Yes, timing is important but if you are stuck waiting it’s time to move forward.

Waiting For A Person To Change

Yes, people can and do change and grow, but you cannot expect someone to change into who you want them to be. Stop waiting for your child to follow the career path you wish for them and celebrate that they found a path they enjoy—with the understanding their interests may continue to grow and change. Stop waiting for your crush or partner to be who you really want and go find who you are looking for.

You can change yourself but you can’t change others so don’t waste time and energy trying to change things you can’t—and don’t let fear of change hold you back!

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