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Bad Weight Loss Advice

Bad Weight Loss Advice

There is a lot of unhealthy advice regarding how to lose or maintain weight. Here is the advice you must ignore.

To Skip The Fat

Many low and non-fat foods replace fat with sugar, and sugar is far more likely to lead to weight gain. Yes, keep the fat from processed foods to a minimum but don’t lose sight that we need fat to thrive.

Eat All The Healthy Food You Want

Feel free to snack your way through a daily bag of chopped veggies but be mindful of the bad advice that you can eat all the healthy food you desire. Vegan dessert is healthy but is often high in sugar. Cashews are healthy, but high in calories and fat. Coconut water is healthy, but one or two servings a day is enough. While it might be healthier and might not be processed—it may contribute to weight gain.

Skip Breakfast

Any time you skip a meal your body goes into fight or flight starvation mode and holds on to fat because it isn’t sure when your next meal will be. Even if you aren´t a morning eater something light like yogurt and fruit or toast with nut butter will help keep you balanced.

Last but not least, be leery of any extreme diet plan based on deprivation opposed to nutrition—as well as diets that eliminate food groups as our body requires the nutrients in all food groups. This includes carbs. Moderation yes, elimination—no.

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