How To Make Your Eyes Pop

How To Make Your Eyes Pop

Whether it’s your everyday look or a special occasion there are many ways you can make your eyes pop.


Eyeliner should be applied after primer and eyeshadow to create a frame around your eyes. Black eyeliner is the least subtle but works for everyone. For a less subtle but still effective liner, opt for charcoal grey, brown or blonde. If your eyes are tired white liner on your inner corners will make your eyes pop.


Making your eyelashes thicker and fuller is another easy way to elevate your look. You can have individual lashes professionally applied, you can apply glue on or magnetic lashes, or you can apply a 3D mascara. Plain old mascara works too, just be sure to use an eyelash curler too.

Eye Shadow

Changing up your eye shadow is another way to make your eyes stand out. This might mean putting eye shadow on when you usually go bare, switching to a metallic, or applying a color that contrasts with your eye color to make them stand out. For blue eyes opt for bronze and copper colors, while for green, hazel and brown eyes it’s best to use colors in the purple and taupe range. A black or brown smoky eye looks good on everyone.

Here’s to look your best for every occasion!

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