Are You A True Friend?

Are You A True Friend

I honestly don’t know who I would be without my nearest and dearest. We all try our best to provide the friendship we want in return. Here’s how to tell if you are a true friend.

Are You Supportive Of Their Life?

Are you prone to judgment or jealousy? Do you find yourself trying to talk your friend out of reaching their goals? If so, it’s time to make things less about you and more about them. Your response should have nothing to do with what you would do and everything to do with wanting what is best for your friend. Even when you don’t want the same thing, especially when you don’t understand. It’s not for you to understand why, but to support their journey.

Do You Make The Time?

Whether your friend lives locally or in another city or state we must make our nearest and dearest a priority. This can include electronic exchanges, but real exchanges are the best. Scroll through your last few texts and messages to see if you are truly engaging or just exchanging generic responses.

Can They Talk About What’s Real?

I’m not an advocate of premature vulnerability but as your friendship grows you should little by little be able to talk about what is real. This could be anything from anger to emotions when we get things wrong, the things we struggle with, and what brings us joy.

Here is to being an authentic and true friend!

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