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5 Things You Should Start Making More Time For

5 Things You Should Start Making More Time For

Time is tight making it feel like it’s impossible to squeeze anything else in. But life is meant to be joy-filled so start making more time for these 5 things!

  1. Time in nature—walking, hiking, bike rides, playing with your kids, playing with your dog, or just sitting to enjoy the view and the fresh air.
  2. Reading—reading non-fiction, your favorite blogs, self-help books, and getting lost in a in a fantasy fiction. Bonus points if you read a printed book.
  3. Thinking critically—we are in a day and age where we can Google anything we need to know often without taking the time to check our sources or think independently. This makes it more important than ever to form your own opinion.
  4. Me time—yoga, meditation, massage, steam, a hot bath, a hobby, or doing absolutely nothing. You deserve more quality time with yourself.
  5. Your friends—with work and family obligations keeping your schedule full it can be hard to find time for your besties, but you must. This goes beyond texting and liking their social media posts to one-on-one time together. If they live out of state or country video chat is a must.

With just a bit more time invested in the areas above your life will almost instantly feel brighter.

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