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What Giving Back Looks Like In 2019

What Giving Back Looks Like in 2019

To be the change we want to see in the world we must take action. We must invest our time and energy in the causes we believe in, both locally and globally. But what does giving back look like in 2019?

Giving Of Your Time

Let me be the first to say that not everyone is cut out to be a frontline volunteer and that is more than ok. Also, you don’t have to give mountains of time to have an impact. Many people don’t volunteer only because they don’t realize that you don’t need weeks or months to contribute to change. You could donate 1 hour a week of a professional skill, like writing, graphic design, or consulting. You could work one 4 hour shift per month in the office. You could sign petitions and write letters to city and state officials on behalf of the cause your support. And yes, you could hop on a plane the next time there is a natural disaster or invest your annual vacation days volunteering abroad.

Giving Of Your Resources

Money is not the only thing non-profits need. Next time you clear the clutter in your home or office look for non-profits who are in need of the items you no longer have use for. Next time you upgrade your laptop or smartphone, donate it to a non-profit. And yes, when it fits in your budget give of cash. Every dollar counts so don’t feel like you have to give much.

In addition to non-profits, see if your local area has a time banking community.

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