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Say Yes To Everything

Say Yes To Everything

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to say no? To trying new things? To decline things you’ve never even considered—and that you might enjoy? My challenge to you is to start saying yes to everything!

Unexpected Invitations

The next time a friend or acquaintance invites you to a party, special event, or excursion—say yes. Even if it’s something that scares you. Especially if it’s something that scares you. Feel free express your fears or concerns with your friend as they can help to easy your nerves.

Say Yes To Dates

If you are single and find yourself turning down more dates than you accept it’s time to start saying yes. Trust your gut and continue to decline anyone who gives you a bad feeling but open yourself up to accepting a date with someone who might not initially seem to be your type. Feel free to keep it casual starting with coffee or lunch.

Say Yes To You

I don’t know about you but the person I say no to the most…is me! No, I don’t have the time for a massage. No, I shouldn’t splurge on that full-priced gorgeous dress. No, I’ll go to that amazing self-development conference next time around. Start saying yes to yourself, to putting yourself first—and, yes to infusing your life with joy. Here’s to saying yes to life!

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