Not All Gluten Is The Same

Not All Gluten Is The Same

If severe tummy troubles have you avoiding all things gluten it might be worth testing a few alternatives. I know, the thought of agony might not feel like it’s worth it—but not all gluten is the same.


Most of the wheat we eat has been genetically modified. Why this is important is that you may be able to digest non-GMO wheat. Bob’s Red Mill offers you tasty alternatives or you can purchase non-GMO wheat flour from suppliers who sell internationally. As an added bonus, non-GMO wheat is less likely to spike blood sugar or lead to weight gain.

Not All Gluten Is Wheat

You might think that you have a gluten allergy, but it might really just be a wheat allergy. This makes it worth testing other types of gluten such as spelt, barley, and rye. Kamut is also an option. While it is in the wheat family it is an ancient strain with far less allergy potential.

Sprouted Grains

Food processing is sometimes what leads to mistaken gluten allergies. For example, most commercial cereal brands are hard for me to digest—but it’s the processing not the gluten. If I stick to true whole grain and organic brands I have no digestive issues. This is also why you may be able to digest sprouted grains like the Ezekiel bread but not standard whole grain breads.

Test in small amounts on your day off to see if can add a bit more variety to your diet.

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