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Tips For Getting Beach Body Ready

Tips For Getting Beach Body Ready

Summer is just around the corner but you if you aren’t beach body ready these tips will help.

Eat Clean

If you eat a fair amount of processed foods make the switch to clean foods to instantly shed weight. This means no more fast food and eating mindfully when dining out, such as dining in farm-to-table restaurants. Prepackaged food can be tricky as creative marketing often makes it sound healthier than it is. As a general rule, if it has more than 5 ingredients it likely isn’t clean. If you don’t like to cook, head to your local health food store’s deli counter for healthy and delicious premade meals.

10 Hour Block

Intermittent fasting can walk the fine line of being extreme, but there is an easy way to do it without deprivation. Simply leave a 10 hour gap between dinner and breakfast and eat clean the rest of the day.

Strength Train

You will always need cardio but to get beach body ready strength training should be a higher goal than just burning calories. This doesn’t necessarily mean lifting weights, but using your body or bands as resistance. Strength training will tighten and tone, increase the amount of calories you burn throughout the day, and boost your metabolism.

Last but not least, don’t stress too much as who you are on the inside is what matters most!

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