Decorating Your Home For Spring

Decorating Your Home For Spring

Now that you have your spring cleaning out of the way you may feel inspired to redecorate for the warmer weather. Here are a few fun ideas.

Spring Flowers

Nothing says spring like fresh cut flowers. If you have a flower garden, make a bouquet or two each week. Or head to your local florist or farmer’s market for a bouquet of tulips, wildflowers, or whatever catches your eye.

Swap Out Your Home Accessories

It’s time to liven up your home with either lighter or brighter colors. Swap out items like your throw pillows, artwork, vases, and other home décor for spring-inspired alternatives. You can even swap out your curtains and lamp shades for a totally new look and fee. I also like to head to Target or the Dollar Store in search of spring-colored outdoor-friendly plates, pitchers, and cups.


Spring is the perfect time to consider painting or repainting your walls or repainting or refinishing an item or two of furniture. This might include adding a fresh coat of the current color but also consider a totally new color. Get a test sample of color to help you decide and opt for a color that contrasts with the primary colors in the room.

Have fun decorating your home and Happy Spring!

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