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Do You Have A Healthy Money Mindset?

Do You Have A Healthy Money Mindset

If you are constantly stressed about bills and debt and feel like you will never be able to get ahead, your financial success may be related less to your current income and more to your money mindset.

You Think Making More Money Is Bad

How do you talk about friends or family member who are above-average earners? Are you excited for the freedom and flexibility that their income affords them? Or do you silently criticize how they spend their money? While it might be easy to write your criticism off as jealousy, it is so much more. The though that earning, having, or that spending money is bad is unhealthy. This mindset holds you back because it blinds you from money making opportunities.

You Believe Making Money Is Hard

Statements like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “I’ll never be able to afford that” are ones many of us grew up hearing. While we certainly must invest time and energy in our work, we can work smarter and not harder. If we start looking for easier ways to earn the universe will deliver.

You Set A Subconscious Earning Cap

How much money do you make now? Do you believe you can double, triple or quadruple this amount? If not, you have set a subconscious earning cap. This means that you are less likely to ask for raises, less likely to seriously pursue promotions, and less likely to explore other earning  opportunities because you’ve decided that you can’t earn more. Shift your thinking to your true unlimited capacity to earn and you’ll start pursuing your true worth.

If you are tired of the struggle it’s time to shift the way you think and feel about money. Start with an easy Louise Hay affirmation of “money comes frequently and easily.”

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