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Easy Earth Day Ideas

Easy Earth Day Ideas

Whether you’re actively green every day or you are still learning about how to live in an eco-friendly manner—these Earth Day ideas are easy.

Participate In An Earth Day Event

Check your community event calendars for Earth Day festivals and events. This will introduce you to and show your support for the organizations who have the most impact in your local community.

Adopt One New Green Change

The best way to make change stick is to make one small green adjustment at a time. So, map out 1 change you can make every month for the rest of the year. Don’t worry as your change doesn’t have to be invasive or extreme. Just find little ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. Remember nothing has to be 100%. I rarely use paper towels but when my cat coughs up a furball, paper towel it is. The other 99% of the time I use washable items to clean.

Rethink Transportation

We’re all busy and many of us live in communities where public transportation is lacking. This means that as committed to green as you might be, that you can’t give up your household vehicles. That’s ok, as you can still green your transportation:

  • Bike or ride public transportation just one day a week.
  • Staying on top your vehicle maintenance to improve or maintain fuel efficiency.
  • Look for more ways to carpool, to work or kid’s activities.
  • Map out errands in a manner that reduces mileage.
  • Make your next car a more eco-friendly car.

Happy Earth Day!

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