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Clearing The Negative Energy In Your Home

Clearing The Negative Energy In Your Home

Along with my spring cleaning I like to clear the negative energy in my home. I also clear energy when I move into a new apartment, when I’m stuck in a rut, or going through a rough patch. Here’s how to do it.

  1. If it’s warm and dry enough, open up all the windows to let fresh clean air in.
  2. Burn incense. Choose the scent by the goal you aim to achieve or by a scent that feels right.
  3. Smudge your home with white sage. Go counterclockwise to remove negative energy, or clockwise to bring in new healing energy.
  4. Add a few new plants to your home which will cleanse the air and bring in a calming and positive touch of nature.
  5. Clean, organize, and clear the clutter. As you’re putting things back in place do so with Feng Shui in mind.
  6. Invest in a few healing crystals to place in your home, wear as jewelry, or place on your body to heal and energize.
  7. Invest in a few essential oil blends and to make your own room spray or to use with an essential oil diffuser. Make sure they are 100% pure essential oils.
  8. Use sound therapy chimes, gongs, or bowls to raise you and your home’s vibration.

With just a few small changes you will feel the difference!

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