What To Do When You Outgrow A Hobby

What To Do When You Outgrow A Hobby

Hobbies are essential for maintaining balance, but what if you outgrow a hobby you once loved? These tips will help.

Try It With A Twist

I was a gymnast and competitive dancer for years. I will always love the art of dance but due to injuries I can’t take the kind of classes I once did. But I still love dance. So, I spend more time going to live performances and I take classes that allow for musicality without irritating my injuries—like belly dancing, tap dancing, and ballroom dance. I also tech and choreograph from time to tome. Try what you once love in a different form and it might work.

Start Trying New Things

To find a new hobby you must open yourself up to trying new things. Don´t count anything out! If there is something you always thought would be fun to try, try it. Join friends in their hobbies. Sign up for classes at your local art, athletic, or adult development centers. I have a friend who on a whim took a trapeze class she saw on a Groupon. She had no background in anything acrobatic but now it’s her new thing.

Return To An Old Hobby

Think back to an activity you used to enjoy as a child or something you’ve tried a time or two but for whatever reason didn’t continue. Many times we let things go that we love because we are to busy adulting. But healthy adults prioritize balance and joy.

Here’s to making more me time!

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