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Tired Of Extreme Workouts? Try These Instead

Tired Of Extreme Workouts Try These Instead

If you, like many of us, have hopped on one of the extreme workout trends only to crash and burn—you aren’t alone. Even if you were able to achieve significant results, maintaining an extreme regimen is hard. Here’s what to try instead.

A Personal Trainer

Local gyms and fitness studios have personal trainers who will personalize your workout to achieve your individual weight loss and fitness goals. They focus on quality vs. quantity helping you to achieve rapid results.

Lengthening Workouts

Workouts like Classic Stretch, Pilates, and the Tracy Anderson Method work because they focus on creating long and lean muscles. It’s the opposite of most fitness philosophies as they focus on pulling in the smaller muscles groups. These are also the best types of workouts if you want to tone without bulking up.

Active Fun

The more active fun you have in your life the better. This includes anything you do that burns calories and doesn’t feel like a workout that will keep you motivated to stay physically active. This might include golfing, dance classes, hiking, swimming, or playing sports.

Even if you decide to stick to traditional workouts a day or two a week keep things fun by  mixing in a few of the ideas above.

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