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    Is Fear Why You Aren’t Good With Money?

    Aren't Good With Money

    Have you ever looked back at how much money you made last year in shock of how little you have to show for it? While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, fear may be the top reason why you aren’t good with money.

    Fear Of Failure

    If you don’t really try to be better with your money, you won’t fail at trying. But if you just keep doing what you are doing you won’t get better. Managing and investing our money isn’t something we’re taught is school and most of us are taught unhealth money mindsets at home. Get over your fear by taking action. Read Woman and Money by Suze Orman and work with a local CPA or financial advisor. This will empower you and grow your wealth in ways you could never imagine.

    Think Bigger In Terms Of Your Earning Potential

    Many of us have a negative money mindset that keeps our minds closed to the unlimited ways we can earn more money. For example, we take and stay in a job that we may not enjoy or that has too few opportunities to grow. Or we are in a job we love that pays well, but we decide that we have maxed out our earning potential. Stop putting your earning potential in someone else’s hands, as you can earn as much as you want to.  

    Instead of struggling to get by take charge of your finances and live the life you have always dreamed of!

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