The Hottest Sunglasses Of Summer 2019

Hottest Sunglasses Of Summer 2019

Looking for some trendy new sunnies? Here are the hottest sunglasses of 2019 and what face shape they look best on.

Oval Face Frames

Your face is oval if it is slightly longer than wider, and your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. When it comes to eyewear the sky is the limit. Every shape and style looks good on you. Just be sure that the colors you select complement your skin tone.

Round Face Frames

Your face is round if it is approximately the same width and height, with fuller cheeks and chin. Your goal is to create contrast by selecting angular glasses. A straight or tapered rectangular shape will give you a professional or polished look. To stay on-trend opt for mid-sized cat eye frames. Both thick and skinny frames will work for you.

Square Face Frames

Your face is square if you have an angular jaw and a square forehead. Rounded and gradually upswept frames will soften your look. Rectangular shapes are a no, but you can pull off oversized square sunglasses. Stick to thin or medium frames otherwise your eyewear runs the risk of looking bulky.

Heart Face Frames

Your face is heart-shaped if your cheekbones are narrow, you have a thin chin and your face forms a bit of a triangular shape. Create feature-flattering angles with frames that are a bit wider than your forehead. Avoid square and rectangular frames, but rectangular shapes that are wider on top than bottom will work. The current trend of butterfly taper will also look good on you. Skinny or wire frames are too thin for your features. When it comes to the color of your frames, we suggest one pair of everyday neutral frames in black, brown, or silver—and one pair that has a pop of color or decorative embellishments.

Here’s to looking your best this summer!

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