Letting Go Of The Past

Letting Go Of The Past

It is something that most of us struggle with. Whether it’s your dysfunctional family, a betrayed friendship, work or school related bumps in the road, or love gone wrong—letting go of the past is the only way to move forward.

Own And Acknowledge

First things first you must take ownership of your role. You might feel like the sole victim, and in some cases you may be, but in most cases you had a role to play too. From accepting the unacceptable behavior for too long to retaliation. Once you take ownership of your role, you must acknowledge the lessons you’ve learned and how you can avoid the same missteps in the future.


Forgiveness is something that you do for you. It does not mean you excuse inappropriate behavior and it does not mean you have to allow someone toxic back into your life. You forgive, so that you can be at peace. So that you can open your heart and trust others.

Consider The Alternative

If we don’t let go of our past it can hold us back from excelling in the one area of our lives, or in all areas of our lives. The alternative is to remain stuck where you are today, for the rest of your life. How long do you really want anger, regret, hurt or fear to hold you back?

If it helps work with a counselor or life coach to help shift your life or your mindset in a positive new direction.

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