What To Do When Early Retirement Leaves Friends And Family Jealous

Friends Jealous of Early Retirement

A fast-growing trend of simplified living and strategic financial planning has many 30 to 50-year-olds retiring early, or transitioning to part-time work. As exciting as your early retirement is you may be shocked to find that many of your nearest and dearest are far from happy for you—and outright jealous. Here’s how to cope.

Don’t Feel Guilty

What you have achieved is to be celebrated. You shifted from the limited mindset we all were raised with and found a way to break free of both societal norms and restricted earning mindsets. If others wanted to they could do the same so there is no need to feel guilt, and no need to apologize.

Only Help Those Who Want It

Although almost everyone says they want to retire early or live a more simplified life, when faced with someone whose figured it out—most people don’t want to learn how. As unhappy or simply limited their current situation is, it’s more comfortable than taking the risk of something new. This means you must not waste your time and only help those who ask for it.

The unfortunate reality is that you might lose a few friends along the way, but not to worry as the universe will deliver new likeminded friends—who aren’t jealous of your newfound freedom.

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